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President’s Message
Message from the President

"KITECH will help Korea’s
SMEs play a pivotal role for
the creative economy"

원장님 사진입니다

In this endless competition era where only the best can survive, SMEs are also being affected with no exception. As a tree with strong roots can endure even the fiercest wind, in order to secure continued competitiveness of Korea's economy, we need to enhance the roots of our industry to withstand the winds of change.

KITECH was established for the purpose of strengthening SMEs' autonomy, which allows them to bear any external pressure, and leading Korea's industrial growth by providing technical nourishments to SMEs, which are the roots of our economy.

To this end, over the past five years, KITECH has been devoted to building a more efficient supporting system, such as the reselection of the main research areas, establishment of the headquarter for close technical support, and expansion of internal and external communication channels.

As a result, KITECH has been successful in sorting out various kinds of research fields to concentrate on our unique responsibility, and focusing on three research areas; Root Technology, Manufacturing System Technology, and Industry Convergence Technology.

Moreover, we now have a nationwide technical supporting system, which transfers our research results to SMEs immediately so that they can put these results to practical use. With these achievements, KITECH has laid out a more solid foundation for securing world-class research productivity and providing SMEs with practical services for improvement and growth.

Based on this, KITECH will continue to dedicate itself to showing more distinguished accomplishments. We will do our utmost to create new revenue models and job opportunities by providing technical nourishments to SMEs, which are competing in an unfavorable global market. In addition, we will make persistent efforts to help SMEs play a pivotal role for the creative economy.

We promise to constantly change and reform to ensure world-class research productivity, and to readily pass down our research results to the SMEs' production sites.

Thank you.

YI SUNG-IL, Ph.D. sign
President of Korea Institute of Industrial Technology
89, Yangdaegiro-gil, Ipjang-myeon, Seobuk-gu,
Cheonan-si Chungcheongnam-do
31056 Republic of Korea
TEL : +82-41-589-8272     FAX : +82-41-589-8020