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R&D in Three Key Areas 3 Research Institutes & 7 Regional Divisions National Strategic Industrial Technology
R&D in Three Key Areas
Three Key Research Areas of KITECH
KITECH focuses on three key areas: Root Industry Technology, Manufacturing System Technology and Industry Convergence Technology to reinforce Korea¡¯s industrial technology and Korean SMEs¡¯ technological competitiveness
Root Industry Technology
¡°Root Industry Technology¡± refers to six core technologies in the process of turning raw materials into processed materials and then into industrial components: Casting, Molding, Heat Treatment, Surface Treatment, Plastic Working and Welding. KITECH¡¯s Root Technology R&D strengthens Korean industry and competitiveness of SMEs.
Major Achievements
World¡¯s first Titanium (Ti) Regeneration Technology
Refining and reforging of titanium using electromagnetic induction and hydrogen plasma
Ti-6AI-4V, Sponge Ti
Ti-6AI-4V, Sponge Ti
World¡¯s first Eco-Magnesium (Eco-Mg) and Eco-Aluminium (Eco-Al) Alloy Technology
Eco-friendly alloy technology that enables the use of magnesium and aluminium without creating greenhouse gas
Eco-Magnesium (Eco-Mg)
Eco-Aluminium (Eco-Al) Alloy Technology
Green Manufacturing System Technology
KITECH supports sustainable growth of Korean industry with development of energy-efficient and eco-friendly manufacturing system
Major Achievements
Real-time TDLAS (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy) system for measuring concentration and temperature of combustion system
Reduced emission of greenhouse gas through deliberate combustion control Eco-friendly Bio-diesel Technology
TDLAS (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy) system
TDLAS (Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy) system
Eco-friendly Bio-diesel Technology
Developing various eco-friendly bio diesel manufacturing technology with convergence of diversified BT
Eco-friendly Bio-diesel Technology
Eco-friendly Bio-diesel Technology
Industry Convergence Technology
In today¡¯s era of Convergence between technologies, technology and industry or between industries, KITECH is leading the way, nurturing new growth engines that will lead the future. This includes e.g. IT, NT technology converged with robotics, fibers, and wellness technology
Major Achievements
Development of 'Hyper', a robot suit with enhanced strength
A robot suit capable of working for up to 9 hours carrying up to 120kg developed for field work in construction site, extreme fields and disaster site
a robot suit
a robot suit
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