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SME Support
SME Support Programs
SME Support Programs
KITECH¡¯s Support Programs for SMEs
From technology transfer for business development with key technology essential in manufacturing field; research partner system to support businesses based on close partnership; open labs and start-ups incubation center to support companies with equipment and facilities; to integrated SMEs support center to help SMEs find solution with one phone call at ¡®1379¡¯, KITECH is along the way of SMEs to enhance technological competitiveness by offering various support services.
Technology Transfer Process Introduction
Facilitating Technology Transfer with Internally Developed R&BD Process
As an institute specialized in commercialization, KITECH has built internal R&BD process and explores and develops needs- based technology from the phase of R&D. At the same time it runs IP (Intellectual Property) management support service system to oversee performance and achievements on a regular basis from patent application, technology transfer and business development and after-management.
Technology transfer system improvement
Technology Licensing Office has been re-organized into CBO (Creative Business Office) and system was enhanced including the introduction of incentive for those who contribute to technology transfer to facilitate performance.
Program of business development with technology
With projects like Super IP initiatives and tailored R&D initiatives, number of technology transfer cases grew 350%.
Selected as one of the best institutes in technology transfer 2013
KITECH R&D process for technology transfer and business development
step1. Idea generation > step2. Idea sorting / evaluation > step3. R&D planning / conducting > step4. Pilot study / invention report > step5. Patent application / registration > step6. Patent management > step7. Technology marketing > step8. Technology transfer negotiation > step9. After management step1. Idea generation > step2. Idea sorting / evaluation > step3. R&D planning / conducting > step4. Pilot study / invention report > step5. Patent application / registration > step6. Patent management > step7. Technology marketing > step8. Technology transfer negotiation > step9. After management
Research Partner System
Research Partner System
Offering tailored support services to help companies grow
Research partner system is based on a concept of family companies for those in close partnership with KITECH and is designed to help SMEs grow to be global players with customized close-range support. Companies selected as partners are provided with various supports including R&D-based priority technology support, technology innovation support based on technology community and close-range support, visiting the field.
Qualification of partner companies
Companies that successfully performed joint research and development with KITECH
Companies that receiveed KITECH¡¯s technology support
Companies signing contracts for patent technology transfer with KITECH
Companies participating in KITECH¡¯s Start-ups Incubation Center and those graduated the program with successful outcomes
Tech-intensive companies with great growth potentials
Support for partner companies
R&D-based technology support
Priority support from KITECH (Industry-associated projects)
Priority support from KITECH (Tailored Technology Support Project)
Research facility support
Access to research facilities at 31 open labs
Dispatch of competent
resources through
technology talents project
Priority support of competent workforce (with degree of MD or Ph.D) as core R&D staff in the long term (longer than 3 years)
Close-range support, visit
and dispatch to the fields
Technology advisory support with visits or dispatch to the fields where they suffer from technology issues
Technology information
Regular mailing service to share information on national R&D projects, educational seminar, patent transfer technology and technology trend forum
Technology innovation
exchange support leveraging
technology community
Support companies¡¯ technology exchange including new markets exploring and R&D outcome sharing through the community
Business Start-ups Incubation Center
Promoting Venture Start-ups¡¯Independent Capability to Stay afloat with Total Start-up Incubation Support
Having new venture start-ups in the premise of KITECH to help them grow competence to run business on their own with total service of facility, resources, prototype fabrication and marketing support.. Helping them keep growing, overcoming the hardships in early days of business start-up, the institute is contributing to increase of success rate of business start-ups and also to job creation.
Support targets
Companies preparing technology-based start-ups or individuals who want to open tech-intensive SME business
Companies recognized for having technologies with high business development potential and strong technology impact
Companies in less than 2 years since being founded at the time of application
Support details
Workplace, meeting room, basic utility (electricity, water) support
Test analysis and measuring equipment, prototype fabrication equipment support
Joint technology research
Joint research for technology development and advisory support
O/Aand other support Office administrative support
Education & Training
Education on business management, marketing, network building with gov.-run institutes
Operation status
Siwha Incubation Center has received the best grade (S grade) 8 years in a row in management assessment by SMBA and Gyeonggi province.
Category Technology to receive specialization support No. of incubators
Siwha Incubation Center Green chemical related sector 9
Ansan Incubation Center Textile, green chemical related sector 10
Cheonan Incubation Center Manufacturing system, new renewable energy related sector 30
Gwangju Incubation Center High-tech components, optical electronics, molding industry related sector 21
Busan Incubation Center Ship parts, nuclear plant components related sector 18
Open Labs
Granting Full Access to High-end High-tech Equipment for SMEs
Opening about 30 laboratories across the nation to SMEs to ensure them to have easy access to high-end high-tech equipment and offering technology support services including test, investigation and prototype fabrication
Open Labs
Open Labs across the Regions
Incheon Regional Division
Casting Technology Process Lab - Chemical Analysis Common Lab
Materials Nature Analysis/Testing Common Lab - Surface Analysis Common Lab
Gliding Technology Processing Lab - Heat Processing Technology Lab
Precision Molding Lab
Wielding Technology Support Process Lab
Plastic Working Process Lab
Bicycle Manufacturing Technology Support Process Lab
Cyber Design technology/High Tech Equipment Support Process Lab
Gyeonggi Regional Division
Hazardous Substance Chemical Analysis Common Lab
Precision Measurement Common Lab
Industrial Fiber Process Lab
Textile Prototype Process Lab
Apparel technology Support Process Lab
Packaging technology Process Lab
Chungcheong Regional DIvision
Materials Analysis and Nature Common Lab
Energy Facility Functionality Certification Process Lab
Acoustical Vibration Common Lab
Green Environments Common Lab
Smart Automation Process Lab
Honam Regional Division
Materials Nature Analysis Common Lab
Precision/Ultra Precision Processing Process Lab
Precision Motor Test Analysis Common Lab
Kolas Length Dynamics Certification Common Lab
Mold Tryout Process Lab
Energy Environment (rohs) Common Lab
Nano Technology Integration Process Lab
Dongnam Regional Division
Forming Process Common Lab
Ultra Precision Processing Process Lab
Convergence Plating Common Lab
Casting Technology Support Process Lab
Daegyeong Regional Division
Biomedical Technology Center Common Lab
Casting Technology Support Process Lab
Gangwon Regional Division
Nonferrous Metal Common Lab
89, Yangdaegiro-gil, Ipjang-myeon, Seobuk-gu,
Cheonan-si Chungcheongnam-do
31056 Republic of Korea
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