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Guiding Korean SME to the world!

Leading Korea to a brighter future!

Soaring to the world beyond Korea with SMEs andforming the foundation ofthe Korean economy, this is the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology.

TheKorea Institute of Industrial Technology was established with the funding of the Korean government to support KoreanSMEs, who are the future of Korea, inthe development and commercialization of production technologies.

Today, it has selected the Root Industry Technology, which heightensthe competitiveness of Korea’s key industries by developing and supporting core manufacturing technologies such as casting, molding, plastic works, heat treatment, welding, joining, and surface treatment.

Industry Convergence Technology, for strengthening industries throughtechnological convergence and discovering Korea’s future growth engines,

and Green Manufacturing System Technology, for improving energy efficiency, developing eco-friendly systems and creating high-value-added industries, as KITECH’s 3 key research areas.

Through demand-oriented R&D and commercialization of these fields, KITECH is securing fundamental technologies of the future as it supports Korean SMEs aswellasthe nation’s manufacturing industry.

To provide up-close technical support in the field, KITECH is operating 3 specialized research centers:

the Research Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Technology in Songdo, Incheon,

the Research Institute of Industrial Technology Convergence in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do,

and the Research Institute of Sustainable Manufacturing System in Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do.

Furthermore, KITECH operates 7 regional divisionsin Gwangju, Busan, Daegu, Gangwon, Ulsan, Jeonbuk and Jeju.

In addition to the three key areas of research, KITECH is nurturing strategic industries for each region and resolving the hardships of SMEs with up-close support.

To strengthen the global competitiveness of SMEs, KITECH is also operating four overseas offices in the United States, China, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Through this global technological collaboration network,

KITECH actively supports Korean companies that have or are planning to expand overseas.

In addition, it operates 5 government-commissioned centers that prepare for the future of Korean industries by forming the nation’s industrial policies, such as the,

Korea National Ppuri Industry Center, Korea National Cleaner Production Center,

Korea National Industrial Convergence Center, Korea Institute for Rare Metals,

and Creative Industry & Engineering Center.

KITECH’s various corporate support programs are here to support Korean SMEs.

From the Partner Company Program, which offers customized support for companies’ growth stages,

SME Solution Talk, which resolves corporations’ difficulties with technological solutions,

operating Technology Commuinites,,

a toll-free 080-9988-114 hotline for technical support via telephone,

Open Lab for sharing high-tech and costly equipment that most companies can’t afford on their own,

to the Business Incubation Center for strengthening the independence of new SMEs and venture companies,

KITECH is listening to the voices of SMEs and resolving their difficulties through various corporate support services.

By achievinga 840 million KRW increase in revenue and 4.6 new jobs per SME through these support programs KITECH has strengthened the technical competitiveness of SMEs and created new jobs.

And from developing raw materials for eco-friendly, highly-functional eco aluminum and magnesium,

3D spatial recognition-based object-control and assembly technologies using a robot,

to inorganic binder aluminum casting and processing technologies, optimized for Korean environment,

KITECH’s R&D efforts are leading to world-class technological advancements.

Having developed over 10,000 manufacturing technologies and successfully commercializing over 70% of developed technologies since its establishment,

KITECH is operating 3D Printing Manufacturing Innovation Center in accordance with the government’s Manufacturing Industry Innovation 3.0 strategy for future industries.

And by collaborating with Creative Economy Innovation Centers, KITECH is leading Korea’s creative economy and manufacturingindustry and striving to become the forefront of R&D for SMEs by government-funded research institutes.

Since its establishment in 1989, KITECH has been dedicated to supporting SMEs.

And now, KITECH is soaring to greater heights

to become“GLOBAL KITECH, a leader of manufacturing innovations.”

To nurture over 500 SMEs with global competitiveness,

discover over 10 world-class technologies,

and nurture more than 10 world-class star scientists,

KITECH will achieve the dream of becoming a world-class technology commercialization research institute with Korean SMEs.

By planting the tree of “technological innovations”

on the manufacturing industry’s soil of “manufacturing technologies”,

KITECH will nurture the fruit of “people's happiness” and drive Korea toward a greater tomorrow.

Supporting SMEs, the future of Korea!

The center of technological advancements-the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology.


89, Yangdaegiro-gil, Ipjang-myeon, Seobuk-gu,
Cheonan-si Chungcheongnam-do
31056 Republic of Korea
TEL : +82-41-589-8272     FAX : +82-41-589-8020