President’s Message

Securing the technological sovereignty in the age of technological hegemony -
“Korea Institute of Industrial Technology will lead the way by supporting manufacturing innovation.”

We live in a time where science and technology is not only about national competitiveness but also about economic security. Digital transformation, carbon neutrality, G2 conflict, and hegemonic changes and just a few of the national and societal issues that we should respond to through innovation of science and technology.

Manufacturing is undergoing a paradigm shift.
As the Big Blur is accelerating, the lines are fading between the traditional industry and industry, industry and technology. Global market demands such as RE100 and ESG Management are growing as well.
We also need to cope with labor shortage due to population decline and aging workforce. As of the great transition, it is a time of urgent need to develop innovative technologies that go beyond existing methods.

Korea Institute of Industrial Technology is a commercialization-oriented research institute established to support small and medium-sized enterprises. We are striving to revitalize manufacturing innovation in local industries facing internal and external challenges. We develop core technologies in three key research areas (intelligent root technology, human-centric production technology, and sustainable technology) and we are operating a system of three research institutes and seven regional headquarters to transfer the results to the production sites.

In addition, we have being advancing the materials, parts, and equiment industries related to root industries, while reorganizing the organization to support the transition to a digial and low-carbon economy. We are upgrading the previous decentralized research base to a mega-platform resesarch system, foundation building-oriented support to a substantial corporate profit generation platform, and individual and divisional business promotion to a strategic network synergy driving method.

The World Future Report 2022 warned of a “Mega Crisis”, but the world is moving with more urgency than ever, preparing for the New Normal era 3.0.
The Korea Institute of Industrial Technology will continue to innovate and translate the results of innovation to enhanced technological competitiveness for small and medium-sized enterprises, so as to give vision to the companies and hope to the people.