Research Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing & Materials Technology

KITECH operates a research institute for each of its three key research fields in the South Korean cities Incheon, Ansan and Cheonan. In order to provide close-range support to SMEs located near their production sites, KITECH also operates regional divisions in Gwangju, Daegu, Busan, Gangneung, Ulsan, Jeonju and Jeju.
Research Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing & Materials Technology (Incheon)
The KITECH Research Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing & Materials Technology boasts a prominent history and technological prowess. As a research institute, it plays a pivotal role in developing and disseminating original root technologies and is responsible for operating and managing all Ppuri Technology Support Centers in Korea. The institute seeks to support companies by helping them tap into the latest research findings and technologies.
  • Research Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing & Materials Technology
  • Root technology R&D hub for advanced materials and parts
Research Institute of Advanced Manufacturing & Materials Technology (Incheon)
Function and Role
Solidify the root industry that produces parts as finished products from materials to parts through the six major root technologies (casting, molding, plastic working, welding, surface treatment, and heat treatment)
Advance key next-generation process technologies (robot, intelligent industrial software, sensor, engineering design, injection press, industrial film, precision processing, and 3D printing) to contribute to the development of the manufacturing industry

Materials·Supply Chain R&D Department

  • Intelligentize root process technology and material development
  • Optimize core process technologies in the supply chain

Industrial Components R&D Department

  • Develop agile technology for new parts in key industries such as advanced mobility

Flexible Manufacturing R&D Department

  • Develop production processes, modules, and equipment that can respond to the demand for small-scale production of varieties

Customized Manufacturing R&D Department

  • Develop 1-lot hybrid production process technology based on 3D printing, post-processing, and production design for single delivery on demand

Digital Manufacturing Division

  • Develop a large-scale digital / unmanned / autonomous production system

Regional Industry Innovation Department (Growth engine)

  • Develop key technologies for regional value-chain advancement