KITECH History

2019 ~ Present

Securing the technological sovereignty in the age of technological hegemony

Innovation Transformation

Received the Presidential Award to commemorate World Standard Day 2023
Established a system in cooperation with the Public Procurement Service, first of its kind as government-funded research institution
Responded to COVID-19, created Best practice of active administration
Held the Vision Declaration Ceremony and International Symposium to celebrated the 30th anniversary of KITECH/ Completed Jeju Regional Division

2013 ~ 2018

Incubation of global SMEs based on outstanding achievements

New growth phase

Selected among "Best Companies in Technology Transfer, Business Development and Startups" for second consecutive years by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning
Launched Chungbuk Regional Division pilot project team
Designated among "Best Companies in Technology Transfer and Business Development" for second consecutive years by MOTIE
Organization restructured into a system of three research institutes and seven regional divisions
Established regional divisions in Jeonbuk, Ulsan, and Jeju / Transferred inorganic binder manufacturing technology
Provided demand-based support to SMEs, such as SME Solution Talk
Developed amorphous nano thin film coating technology / Transferred original epoxy technology
Discovered and nurtured Gazelle companies that created jobs
Reassigned under the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning / Completed Daegyeong Regional Division

2004 ~

Established a close-range support system to provide technical support in the field

Regional framework built

Awarded Certificate of Excellent Service Quality in Korea, first of its kind as a government-funded research institute / Established Gangwon Regional Division
Developed Eco-Mg and Eco-Al alloys as world-first technologies
Developed wafer ingot manufacturing technology for solar cells
Developed Korea's first Android robot (second in the world) / Completed Ansan Research Center (currently Research Institute of Convergence Technology) / Completed Busan Research Center (currently Dongnam Regional Division)
Completed Gwangju Research Center (currently Seonam Regional Division)
Completed Incheon Research Center (currently Research Institute of Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Technology)

1998 ~

Laid the foundation for systemic and efficient support for SMEs

Growth and development

Recognized for "Technology of the Year" by the Ministry of Science and Technology (Cyber Engineer U24)
Developed 350 km/hr Korea-type high-speed train / Localized semiconductor manufacturing facilities
Reassigned under the Korea Research Council for Industrial Technology in accordance with the Act on Government-run Institutes

1989 ~

Launched as a comprehensive application research institute with a focus on supporting SMEs

Foundation and ground building

Moved its headquarters to Cheonan, Chungnam / Changed its name to Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) / Opened Comprehensive Business Service Center
Pioneered the rise of HDTV in Korea
Founded as an affiliated institute of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry / Established policy and technology support framework to nurture SMEs