KITECH at a Glance

  • Mission
    • KITECH was founded in 1989 with the purpose of supporting industries and particularly, SMEs
    • KITECH endeavors to contribute to the industrial development of Korea by supporting the development and application of production technologies and nurturing global SMEs
  • Functions
    • Implementing technology transfers and dissemination to SMEs
    • Providing technology support utilizing its technology, human resources, and infrastructure
    • Developing technologies to overcome common technological hardships experienced by SMEs
    • Conducting in-depth research for demand-oriented production technologies
    KITECH 湲곌 嫄대Ъ
  • Vision
    • Global KITECH, a trailblazer in manufacturing innovation
    • Passion for the innovation Manufacturing the future
  • Key values
    • Humanism for Society
      Based on respect and care among researchers and an investment in human life, KITECH delivers technologies that allow all people to coexist within an ecosystem that helps them realize their dreams.
    • Professionalism and Contributions
      Taking pride in fulfilling its duties by securing top-notch professionalism, KITECH contributes to the national economy through robust business development.
    • Creativity and Passion
      KITECH boasts a superior workforce with exceptional creativity and commitment to developing top-level technologies for the world.
    • Communication and Integrity
      KITECH solves problems and communicates with people based on mutual trust and partnerships among researchers, research institutes, and companies.