National Strategic Industrial Technology

National Strategic Industrial Technology Development
To respond better to evolving technology trend and global market changes, industrial technology development at national level is essential. As a government-run institute, KITECH prepares for the future with the government by planning and proposing national policy agenda for national technology development.
Korea National Cleaner Production Center (KNCPC)
The Center of Dissemination and Facilitation of Cleaner Manufacturing System
Since 1999, KITECH has been at the forefront of developing and disseminating green manufacturing technology at national level. The operation of KNCPC was assigned to KITECH by the government. KNCPC is taking the lead to build production system where the original source of pollution can be controlled and cleared at the stage of product design, thus helping Korean companies to export their products overcoming trade barriers.
Korea National Ppuri Industry Center (KPIC)
The Center of National Ppuri Industry Promotion
Taking the responsibility of running Korea National Ppury (roughly, fundamental) Industry Center, established based on the ‘Act on National Fundamental Industry Promotion and Advancement’, KPIC is building a comprehensive support framework for promotion and advancement of fundamental industries and implementing various support initiatives to enhance competitiveness of the industries.
Korea National Industrial Convergence Center (KNICC)
Establishing Creative Economy with Industrial Convergence
Today is an era of convergence where human-oriented High-Touch comes ahead of technology-driven High-Tech in value. KNICC was founded along with enactment of ‘Industrial Convergence Promotion Act’. It is serving as a control tower of coordinating industrial convergence policy planning, information service, cooperation framework building and business competitiveness enhancement.
Korea National Institute of Rare Metals (KORAM)
Realizing the dream of national prosperity by building industrial bases with rare metal
KORAM is building industrial bases of rare metal in the nation by securing stable supply of rare metal that determines functionality and quality of high-tech gadgets and supporting development of materialization technology to turn resources into components and circulation technology to turn rare metal waste into recyclable resources.
Korea National Engineering Center (KNEC)
Hub of National Creative Engineering and Plant Development
KNEC is nurturing engineering industry into next generation growth driver by developing support system for the full cycle of creative engineering and plant industry promotion. It is building grounds to grow into the 7th largest engineering power in the world and strengthening basis to nurture talents and develop business.