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The Korea Institute of Industrial Technology is constantly and invisibly changing daily life while standing by our side.

The name that transforms needs into technology and technology into industry, and makes our lives smarter and richer. It is the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, KITECH.

The average number of parts needed to complete a car is 25,000.Casting, molding, plastic processing, welding, heat treatment, and surface treatment are the core technologies that are essential for processing resources into materials and materials into parts. Therefore, they are called root technologies.

In 1989 when there was a thirst for the localization of production technology necessary for the whole manufacturing industry, KITECH was established to localize the production technology required by the manufacturing field.

We have focused on developing and supporting industrial technology that can improve the technological competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises and grown to become the only research institute specialized in commercialization in Korea.

On its 30th anniversary, KITECH is preparing to leap to become a global commercialization research institute by innovating R&D and technical support systems and making management more efficient.

For this, it selected root industrial technology, Sustainable manufacturing system technology and fusion & convergence manufacturing technology as three core research areas. Through industry-leading technology development and support, we are striving to improve the technology in domestic production sites.

First, in the field of the root industry technology, we are improving the quality competitiveness of both rooted enterprises and national key industries through the development and support of 6 major root technologies.

In the field of the Sustainable manufacturing system technology, we are cleaning and automating domestic production sites through company's production automation and technology development support that can improve energy efficiency by using clean materials, smart production system, and clean energy equipment.

In the field of the fusion & convergence manufacturing technology, we are creating new values and future growth engines through convergence between different technologies and between technology and industry.

KITECH, which carries out a number of government-mandated projects as it was recognized for its accumulated experience and competence in the three major research areas, develops national industrial technology policies and creates a corporate support environment through organizations affiliated to Future Industry Strategy Headquarters, including National Cleaner Production Center, National Ppuri Industry Center, National Industrial Convergence Center, Creative Industry and Engineering Center, Korea Institute for Rare Metals, and Packaging Center. Thereby, we are laying a solid foundation for the domestic industrial ecosystem.

To link this achievement with corporate support, KITECH has established and operates a total of 48 regional organizations and specialized centers in major dense industrial areas across the nation.

Particularly, With the 3 research institutes in Incheon, Ansan and Cheonan, which are the technology hubs of 3 major research areas, / and the 7 regional divisions, Seonam Regional Division in Gwangju, Dongnam Regional Division in Busan, Daegyeong Regional Division in Daegu, Gangwon Regional Division in Gangneung, Ulsan Regional Division, Jeonbuk Regional Division in Jeonju, and Jeju Regional Division as a technology innovation base, we carry out R&D specific to each region and on-site technology support.

Furthermore, KITECH operates various support programs for companies by utilizing its facilities, personnel and experience, and helps domestic small and medium-sized enterprises in solving a variety of technical difficulties that they face in the field.

Moreover, by building a global technology cooperation network, and expanding the technological support infrastructure for joint research with technologically advanced countries and companies that enter overseas markets, we are helping more companies grow into global hidden champions.

Over the past 30 years, KITECH has pioneered the domestic HDTV era and developed over 10.000 manufacturing technologies including 350 km/h Korean high speed train, G7 advanced production system, advanced parts production simulation 'Cyber Engineer U24', Korea's first and the world's second android 'EveR’, mass production technology of wafer ingot for solar cell, and the world's first eco-magnesium and eco-aluminum alloy technology.

By utilizing 70% of those technologies, we have been providing Korea with essential nutrients for its growth into a global manufacturing powerhouse.

Today, we are making remarkable achievements in the fields that can enhance the technology of small and medium-sized enterprises as we promptly respond to changes in the technological environment including 3D printing bio-implant manufacturing technology, de-NOx catalyst for air purification technology, and aluminum core manufacturing technology using environment-friendly inorganic binder.

In the era of fourth industrial revolution where various technologies are converged and connected based on ICT, KITECH will lead the change of science and technology paradigm with continuous R&D innovation and will be the closest on-site partner for small and medium-sized enterprises such that the results will flow smoothly into the industry.

A global commercialization research institute that promotes technological Korea to the world.

The Korea Institute of Industrial Technology