Support Services for SMEs

Research partner communities (Technology information supported)
With a view to supporting SMEs in creating new technologies, KITECH assists in organizing research partner communities according to the technology sector, region, and industry, with a focus on similar technologies and carrying out joint technology development based on close partnerships.
Sharing R&D achievements
By sharing technology know-how, industry-research institute partnerships are strengthened for a greater number of SMEs.
Transfer of R&D achievements to companies and business development carried out as part of KITECH's strategic projects, and Ph.D. degree holders or equivalent are dispatched to the field
Performing market analysis
By exchanging technology information with various corporate sectors, new markets are discovered, and strategies are devised to enhance the success rate of technology development.
Forging technology partnerships
Based on a wide range of partnerships, ideas are created to bring innovation to technology, and business development is promoted.
Joint development of large-scale technologies based on information sharing, licensing, consortiums, R&D partnerships, and technology specialization
Discovering technology demand
By identifying sought-after technologies, then developing such technologies and providing support, KITECH established an R&D system that responds to demand.
Composed of one chairperson, one manager, participating companies befitting the purpose and sector of research partner communities, and mentors for each company
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