Support Services for SMEs

Open laboratories (Access given to equipment)
KITECH operates 42 open laboratories where more than 890 types of equipment are accessible 24/7 by SMEs. SMEs can make use of this equipment to suit their purposes, ranging from testing and inspection to pilot product manufacturing.

Granting SMEs access to equipment owned by KITECH to enhance utilization

  • 24 Common Labs
    • - Common measurement equipment
    • - Test analysis and evaluation equipment
  • 18 Process Labs
    • - Specialized equipment and technology development support
    • - Pilot product manufacturing equipment and production facility equipment

Efficient Support System

  • - Providing close-range on-site support for companies by operating labs in each area
  • - Minimizing cost burdens for companies through the Research Equipment Sharing Program led by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups
연구원 보유장비를 중소기업에 개방하여 활용도 제고
					공용실험실 24개-공통 측정 잘비 중심, 시험분석·평가 측정 장비
					공정실험실 18개-특화장비 및 기술개발지원, 시제품 제작장비, 생산시설장비
					효과적지원체계-권역별 실험실 운영으로 수요자 중심의 현장밀착지원 중소기업청 「연구장비 공동활용 지원사업」 연계로 기업부담 최소화
Procedure for using open labs
First, search and check the equipment and joint or common labs needed in the current status of open labs in each region. After confirming the actual availability with personnel in charge of laboratory operation, you can visit and use the laboratory.
A minimum fee (to cover the cost of equipment management) is charged upon the equipment's usage.
Current status of open labs
A total of 42 open labs, listed to promote equipment utilization and convenience on the part of SMEs, provide testing, inspection, and pilot product manufacturing services.
개방형실험실 현황 : 뿌리산업기술연구소, 융합생산기술연구소, 청정생산시스템연구소, 전북지역본부로 구성되어 있습니다.
Research Institute of Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Technology Research Institute of Convergence Technology Research Institute of Clean Manufacturing System Jeonbuk Division
Chemical Analysis Common Lab Hazardous Substance Chemical Analysis Common Lab Materials Analysis and Property Common Lab Agricultural Machinery Reliability Testing Research Center Common Lab (Gimje)
Material Property Analysis and Material Testing Common Lab Precision Measurement Common Lab Green Environment Common Lab Carbon Lightweight Materials Process Lab (Jeonju)
Surface Analysis Common Lab Packaging Technology Center Process Lab Acoustic Vibration Common Lab
Metal Materials Analysis Common Lab Industrial Fiber Process Lab Energy Facility Performance Certification Process Lab
Micro Structure Precision Analysis Common Lab Fiber Prototype Process Lab Smart Automation Process Lab
Casting Technology Support Process Lab (Gyeongseo) Apparel Technology Support Process Lab
Plating Technology Support Process Lab
Heat Treatment Technology Support Process Lab
Precision Molding Process Lab
Welding and Joining Technology Support Process Lab
Plastic Working Process Lab
Cyber Design Technology Support and Advanced Equipment Support Process Lab
Bicycle Manufacturing Technology Support Process Lab
개방형실험실 현황 : 서남지역본부, 대경지역본부, 울산지역본부, 동남지역본부로 구성되어 있습니다.
Seonam Division Daegyeong Division Ulsan Division Dongnam Division
KOLAS (Calibration) and Measurement and Analysis Common Lab Biomedical Technology Center Common Lab Eco-friendly Green Technology Common Lab Forming Process Common Lab
Energy Environment (RoHS) Common Lab Forming Technology and AdvancedEquipmentSupport Common Lab Convergence Plating Common Lab
Precision Motor Testing and Analysis Common Lab Casting Technology Support Process Lab (Dasan) Advanced Hybrid Common Lab
Precision Molding Tryout Process Lab Ultra-Precision Machining Process Lab
Nano Technology Integration Process Lab Casting Technology Support Process Lab (Macheon)
개방형실험실 현황 : 강원지역본부, 한국희소금속산업기술센터로 구성되어 있습니다.
Gangwon Division Korea Institute for Rare Metals (KIRAM)
Non-Ferrous Metals Common Lab Korea Institute for Rare Metals Common Lab