Support Services for SMEs

Dispatching researchers from public research centers
KITECH supports long-haul dispatches of competent technology-related human resources from public research centers to SMEs to work in the field, encouraging them to serve as valuable members of these SMEs with a view to addressing technology labor shortages at SMEs.
Highlights of the Research Dispatch Program
Disseminating knowledge and technology by tapping into the research workforce
Facilitating the inflow of research workers at public research centers to SMEs, serving as a supply base for outstanding researchers
Utilizing the high-quality workforce from large companies and research institutes as the core R&D workforce for SMEs
Supporting SMEs to utilize the research competence of public research centers without any difficulty in performing research activities
Organizations involved
추진기관 : 사업주체, 주관기관, 지원주체로 구성되어 있습니다.
Led by Managed by Supported by
Ministry of SMEs and Startups National Research Council of Science and Technology (NST) A total of 22 organizations, including KITECH
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Procedure Detailed procedure Implemented by
Agreement Quota, agreement, and project fee for each research center involved Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT), NST, KITECH
화살표 아래방향
추진절차 : 지원기업신청, 지원인력선발, 지원인력 근무, 사후관리로 구성되어 있습니다.
Application Invitation sent to SMEs in need of personnel dispatch
Application form, company overview, business plan submitted
Applying companies
Preliminary review of applying companies
Written, oral, and on-site evaluation; Selection of companies
Selection of researchers Integrated recruiting or public notice at each public research center
Application submitted by researchers willing to work as support personnel; Screening process
Employment of support workforce
Support workforce from KITECH, participating companies
Corporate support contract signed
KITECH, participating companies
Researchers dispatched Work at participating companies or on site
Support workforce from KITECH, participating companies
Early achievement of development goal (upon consultation)
Support workforce from KITECH, participating companies
Early termination
of support

of support

Employment by
Transfer to
that company
Returntotheir dispatcher and
search for the next
company to support


Return to their dispatcher
and search for other
companies to support
Post-dispatch services
Maintain partnerships between KITECH and participating companies
Retain support personnel pool, manage corporate information, and provide training to enhance supporting competence NST, KITECH participating companies